Chuck Bailey Recreation Centre

The concept of an athlete preparing for the games was the concept for building development and external public realm. Use of rough hewn granite blocks in the open plaza to represent the raw power of the athlete, are supplemented with highly polished granite blocks that lead into the building foyer. These blocks represent the perfection of the athlete through training. Pedestrians are lead into the glass cube that serves as a ‘lantern or beacon’ for the surrounding neighbourhood. A water feature accommodates stormwater runoff from the roof and plaza. Planters within the water feature have been custom designed with cored holes to allow water-loving plants to pull water from the stormwater pond and survive.

The south end of the building includes the youth park. This dynamic space is the first covered, outdoor youth park in Canada. The structure is designed to reflect the building architecture, whilst the open space is built to represent an urban plaza with artwork. The notion is that youth will socialize in dynamic public spaces, and not just another concrete skatepark. Surrounding landscape has been graded to integrate the youthpark with the site and accommodate future building expansion. A children’s play area is also planned with the area prepared and fenced at this time. The colour theme for the entire development is monochromatic white and black, with punches of colour to delight the users of the youthpark area.