Culture - it’s how you live, play, and nurture. At van der Zalm + associates we understand that landscape can shape the culture of a space, community, and beyond. Our mission is to relay this understanding into the work that we do - as Landscape Architects, Urban Designers, and Environmental Consultants.
play projects
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nurture projects
From parks, to stages, to action sports - the spaces in which we "play" are a focus point for communities to engage, socialize, recreate and relax. Places of play bring people together or all ages and backgrounds. They also foster connections for team building, biomechanical development, and learning. Our team believes in the importance of creating community oriented play spaces for athletes, families, and individuals which is why we try and offer some aspect of play into every design that we do. Some examples of our firm’s specializations in the realm of play include:
The places we live, the transit routes that get us there, the shops we stop at along the way - this is LIVE. Sometimes the simplest spaces can have the biggest impacts on how we perceive a place or a City. It boils down to good detailing that responds to functional needs and inspired design. LIVE to us means the difference between a generic street and an urban corridor; a coffee shop versus someone’s favourite hangout; a patio space versus an engaging courtyard with good amenities.
Hans Höger (German designer, author) is famous for his quote that, "Designers have a dual duty; contractually to their clients and morally to the later users and recipients of their work". To us...this is nurture. We believe that landscapes (although they are sometimes temporary) should always be designed with a sense of permanence in consideration of generations to follow. Our staff of certified Arbourists, and Environmental Engineers, and Landscape Architects relay this sensibility into the work we do by considering all aspects of the environment. We don’t let the "limit lines" of a site stop us from seeing the full picture of a site, area, and environment. We also allow our all encompassing team of professionals to work intimately on our projects to ensure that the lines that do exist within a property (i.e. creek setback vs. development) transition seamlessly. Examples of our specializations in this realm of nuture include: