Our process can be adapted to meet any client’s needs
Schematic Development
Design Development
Technical Drawings
Construction Administration
Primary Objectives
Site inventory.
Develop preliminary concept and visioning.
Refine concept and create design deliverables.
Adapt feedback.
Prepare drawings to be ready for tender and construction. Observe site developments.
Document and respond.
Close loops relating to project close-out.
Take time to consider lessons learned.
Examples of related deliverables
Explore goals & objectives
Site analysis and precedent research
Preliminary concept
Public surveys, feedback outlets
Presentations to clients or committees
Renderings and perspective drawings
Preliminary details
Plant palette and design
Materials palette
Irrigation design
Final grading
Drawing package amendments
Response to tender RFI’s
Tender addendums
Site visits and observation
Site clarifications
Responses for information
Landscape site instructions
Change orders
Minutes and photos
Meetings with maintenance staff
Review of plant and product performance
Review of lessons learned - teach staff